Well, I’ve taken three hours sleep from 1700 to 2000 after hearing Mom talking to the parakeets who were screaming for food last night. As a result, I’m awake and typing as loudly as I want with my Penna keyboard and its clickety sounds.

Okay, so last Thursday for choir rehearsal, I was assessing the situation with these choir members. I sensed that they are just present for the sake and don’t seem to mention anything about my plans to include them in singing along with me during my parent’s upcoming party.

I noticed that Nini was sitting with the elderly Lydia, who came back earlier this year. The swollen Augusta came back too and she lost lots of weight and is getting around faster!

Nini has been driving the elderly woman to her home, which is closest to my home behind the local Starbucks, which I used to visit ten years ago and now have resumed, thanks for courtesy emails reminding me of new stuff to try, like holiday drinks and such.

And so I saw that Nini was visibly upset at Kathy who has volunteered to help lead our choir, since our pastor communicated to her that we won’t be having a replacement conductor due to the recent budget crisis. I told y’all – that karma will be bestowed unto those who have offended the Lawd Gawd and his people, and/or messengers to say the least.

Y’all tolerated Respondent living directly adjacent to us. Y’all talked to her. Y’all hugged her in front of my face. And now y’all will pay the price for putting up with Ilocanos. Y’all are all socialist, liberal, progressive zombies! Sorry. It’s true. Idiots. We know stuff. I know stuff. Period.

Yeah, so I saw how Nini glared at Kathy and said aloud that the old woman doesn’t have copies. Since this is a community effort, I don’t know WTF is her problem. Usually each stupid elderly folk is supposed to get their own music material and be prepared to rehearse without borrowing and burdening others.

I’m more than happy to email copyrighted material to the suckers. But they tend to lie that they didn’t receive it or don’t know how to use the computer or don’t know how to download it. OMG! See what I mean? It’s useless. So Nini got up and went to the plastic bins of music and said aloud, this is so messy!

Yup. That’s true. No one seems to care at this place. And it’s because of diversity. Y’all do NOT believe unto moi? It’s the lack of cohesion and cooperation and basically just showing up and off that they can support any group, even though they suck.

Yeah, and so last Sunday during the choir mass, the swollen Zen sang the responsorial. She is so freaking outta tune! I don’t know WTF she is still in the choir. She should quit like the others. And her husband was wearing a blue mask and it’s so gross that he is still volunteering with his cooties touching stuff. WTF is wrong with these people? Stay home if you are sick! Sheesh.

Anyway, in the previous Sunday before this one, Zen also took a freaking long time twice to freaking haul her swolleness to the microphone to announce the next songs. Even the organist wanted to start immediately, which she did, so she can leave to do her other teaching jobs.

It’s so hopeless with these damn humanz. There’s no shame. Honestly, without the Filipinos filling in the gaps, that main choir is quite empty after the ‘real’ conductor has passed on 2012.

But Mom pities her and others who are disabled – swollen and whatnots. I don’t feel sorry who those who don’t know when to stop. I think y’all need to stay home and stay outta trouble. Y’all embarrassing yourselves in public. Damn Flips!

Okay, in my next rant, I found out Monday night that Kathy teaches music to neighborhood kids on a volunteer basis. I asked her if she gets paid. Of course, if she’s teaching, that she should have a license. Correct?

I liked the idea that parents home-school their children. She grew up in a Catholic environment and schooling. I told her I grew up in a public schooling system (potty mouth and more) and my mom couldn’t get me into that private school with our local church due to lack of priorty or something to do with connections.

So she also is planning and testing the waters if our church choir can practice OUTSIDE the normal Thursday evening choir rehearsal. I’m like, WTF? Just because I’m single, childless, jobless, and homeless, that doesn’t mean I’m used to hanging around with you damn humanz!

I found out Clem sponsored Olivia, who is no longer in the group. Kathy has no control over that one. So despite sharing with Clem via email or text message that “I’ve nothing to do”, which is true, long ago, I guess I don’t really like singing in the choir after all. Too much politics.

Mom asked if I was being discriminated. I couldn’t answer. I just hated the place for experiencing too much crap. She criticized me that I’m selfish and that I don’t want to reciprocate in giving her gasoline money and such, which I forgot because I’m NOT used to carpooling. And yes, there’s alot of crap I tend to forget and other crap I don’t think about.

So on Monday evening Kathy texted and emailed me to confirm if I’ll be carpooling with her. Like WTF? Can she please drop it already? Now she wants to invite the choir members to rehearse (which looks like the word ‘hearst’) at her home. I’m like – I don’t do house visits for free, not unless y’all are up to something.

Which brings me to Connie, who tried to recruit me to do the same – teach children. OMG! I’m already doing that via my blog for the general audience! I don’t take well to children because my energy is too weird and the parents pick that up. So I don’t know why Connie AND Kathy want to recruit me to do stuff around children. I’m NOT used to visiting humanz or just doing stuff without pay, not that I’m being greedy but I want to help myself and those in the most need. Get it?

While I can play the piano and sing, and though I’ve got lots of free time, I’m NOT used to hanging out with people on a long-term basis. It’s like – WTF? I’ve tried that while growing up and while at college and I already know I’m NOT fitting in. So freaking back-off, okay?

Yesterday, in the car before noontime mass, I already told Mom that I’m like Dad – and if I have to pay an Uber or Lyft to get around that’s the best I can do. I drive myself and those I love, not the other way around, okay? I have to drive but not your wide-ass fat-butt, eww! Go away! Y’all might explode on me!

OMG! That woman couldn’t fit in the front seat of the MB E430! That’s how thick! OMG! I’m not being judgemental but Dad asked me en route to noontime mass if Kathy was married. I said she’s a widow. And then Dad said, oh, that’s why. She’s lonely. See? That’s why guys are quiet. They know. But women, like Mom, keep yakking. They don’t get it.

In conclusion, y’all can pray that I fulfill my obligation as caregiver to the ailing elderly parents, that I find a full-time job without that hierarchial nonsense of working together as a team crap, that I can continue to help those in the most need, like myself and others. Yup.

Geez! Get with reality and the programming. I’m pissed. I’m not pleased. I’m just sleeping and waking and wondering – now what? What next? Cooking, cleaning, and eating again? I still have laundry to do and yucky stuff. Sheesh. It’s 0107 in the morning. So that over half and hour of ranting.

And about that shithole comment that Trump made recently? He read my thoughts exactly! Those Africans and other places are shitholes! I agree wholeheartedly. And this is due the imagery of those idiots doing their nonsense with sorcery, witchcraft, and voodoo of sacrificing animals. In one photo image, one Negro guy was holding up a raptor with both wings open, as if it’s just junk. If I were God, I’d smite them all down – Asiatic, pre-Adamic, Nephilim, all the lot of evil. Amen. 011055 am end rant.

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