Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please forgive me for my teacher has rebuked me once again and many times over for being mean and nasty. I can’t help it. Das Squirrel is correct – no one can change, not even rehabilitated criminals. With that said, y’all can smite every ounce of offense in the form of evil from the face of this hellish planet.

Anyway, we’ve gifted a nun in blue today after noontime mass. We thought she was the mother superior of a convent. Mom noticed that she would sit behind us or near our pew. Yesterday, she sat behind Dad. Today she sat towards the middle. Mom asked her name and I couldn’t hear if she said Jeanette or something else, despite wearing my hearing aide. I’d need to learn to look at the mouth and whatever input my devices translated. Mom said Angelique or whatever. I don’t know.

We gifted her a can of honey roasted nuts, a signed Pio Padre Xmas card with our names inside and some cold hard cash, thinking she’s the mother superior of the convent. Dummies. My parents are cool for gifting those they do NOT know, except me. I’m the mean and nasty one, and expect blessings and prayers, like a cool job so I could buy stuff and gift others, too. Really? Nah. I’m just greedy like anyone else. I don’t really care for attention. I just want to keep busy, except do house chore, cooking, and cleaning. One day and when I’m in the mood, I’ll iron the laundry, sitting in the basket for three weeks now. Yup. I’m lazy.

So with that said, we mailed off another gift because we received a prayer book in brown color and highlight in goldish scrollwork. We included the our intentions and other testimony of healings and such from saying prayers via Padre Pio. I think that works.

Now, I have to practice my voice and read scales and sing fast! I can’t keep up! I may just stay for one semester. But Mom insist that I get a freaking life and do something outside the house. Well, f*ckers, I need a job, okay? Not that I need money, but to get outta the house and ‘pretend’ I’m earning something, despite being single, unmarried, childless, and homeless. Sheesh.


Flynn B.

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