Watch “PRISON! Obama DOJ/FBI HORRIFIED After Rep Goes PUBLIC with What he saw in FISA Memo #ReleaseTheMemo” on YouTube

20180120-0250. I don’t care for this memo. Anyone can ‘draft’ a memo, or is that memorandum. What is a ‘memo’ anyway? I just looked up the word and it’s simply a note to self.

Say, self! I wanna remember something later on. can you write yourself a note? Sure! What’s it gonna say? YOU’RE FIRED!

20180120-0253. Incoming thought. Biblical reference to disobedience towards Commandments and the cleansing by FIRE. Yup.

And so I watched a tear jerking YouTube video by Derek Prince Ministries. And yeah, love one another as yourself – it’s not an opinion, a suggestion, a recommendation, but a commandment.

Welp, good luck chumps! But y’all won’t change, will you? Huh!

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