Well, I managed to find parking! Usually the rest come around 1845n according to my firm believer. I’m blogging inside my car because it’s too early. I feel poopy, too. So hopefully I can late three hours. I’ve been practicing the .mp3 files at home. I’m hitting the notes and my sight reading is improving. My tummy is hungry now. I want to clear my stomach for more breathing room. Eventually I’ll learn how to sing better.

So now I have to songs repeating in my head. I wonder how the performers can stand an how or so. That’s why I transferred the songs into my iPad. That’s right! I’m not gonna suffer painful wrist injustice! Nein!

Amazingly, Google lady was able to reroute my direction away from the 880 interchange. For some reason, last week she directed me here. I guess it was the MLK holiday and people were off duty. So now I learned to leave early because Mom totally FEARS for my safety. She told me to be aware of my surroundings. Oops. I busy blogging and not paying attention. No wonder my parents don’t travel far and wide!

So yeah I’m feeling bummed. Now my Auntie is claiming that she hasn’t received her invitation. Long ago, she said that Jerilyne didn’t get her Xmas money. I feel that’s a sign from God that it’s a no go. Yup. It’s okay if there’s funny things going on that I don’t know or care about. We’re being protected and blessed.

Welp, it’s time to go. It’s 1845 and the late arrivals will get the street parking like I did last week in the streets of the residential area. Wish us lucks!

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