Yeah so this morning or last night, I had a thought about reciprocity.

Dad likes to do his own things so that he doesn’t owe anyone. His siblings are like him – don’t lift up a finger for anyone else except your bloodline only, not unless there’s something in it for them.

Mom likes to do her own things but expects others to reciprocate by her examples. She will dog her slaves because she deserves it. That’s entitlement mentality. The relationship is supposed to be mutually beneficial.

So after noontime mass, we had lunch at Carl’s Jr with a local parishioner. She’s nice and bought us three Mocha-Vanilla sponge cakes from Goldilocks. En route to lunch from church, my parents and I wondered why the attitudes of Das Squirrel, his Twit Wifey, and other bloodlines are so foul.

So it’s better that she is kindly and thinks of us compared to other stunted souls who worship Buddha, Mammon, and other strange imaginings.

Anyway, she said Respondent attended the funeral mass of Amy’s deceased brother-in-law. She told Mom that the service would be private. Amy failed to tell us lots of people attended and that the casket wasn’t shown because the body was disintegrated after the guy’s immediate family found out one week later!

She said Respondent sat in front of her and that Respondent tried to talk to Gloria, a soprano of my main choir. Gloria walked away. I wonder why the Filipinos tolerate Respondent with TWO restraining orders, and other civil complaints per public online data.

Yup. You Flips gonna pay especially the church that tolerated her presence. Y’all keep praying for her. She dresses up and holds her head up proud, typical of demonic bloodline. No shame whatsoever. Probably inbreeding with bad blood, typical of Ilocanos.

So yeah love is evil spoken backwards! Each soul will be judge. It’s strange how we’re not allowed to discriminate between good and evil and not be loud about the truthful observation.

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