Sigh. Today, we received our weekly notes from Maestro. MessiahMews should know who I’m talking about since I accepted her invitation via my LinkedIn profile account the day before yesterday.

The stuff he shared seemed to focus on the earth cycles, the witches and their four corners, and that of the Asiatic Gaia, which is similar to the feminie goddess via the Virgin Mary. I guess the NAI have been infiltrated with Semiramis and pals. Go and Google, Herr Maestro. Yup.

A Navajo Poem

I walk in Beauty
Beauty is before me
Beauty is behind me
Above and below me.
I walk in Beauty
Beauty is before me
Beauty is behind me
Around and within me.

A Hopi Proverb

Know your garden and where your water is.

Umm. Okay. I’ve already contacted, err, interconnected the NAI. The prayers and thoughts are supposed to help us in unity. I’ve ‘thought’ of them sometime earlier this year or just a few weeks ago and offered some boosts.

So I can tell Maestro can read us. For example, he corrected us twice – he can hear if I’m off tune. He looked into our general direction. And that we shouldn’t sing the note if we’re not sure because it throws off others.

He said that the the B-pitch is off as he motioned that the Altos should go up higher with his right thumb up. Earlier he told the sopranos that their B-pitch sounds like a C-pitch.

He mentioned the ‘layers’ within the notes. That’s what Clem shared – four or five frequencies.

So I had to boost the energy Within to make the B-pitch ‘brighter’ and on pitch. That may sound illuminating but it’s far Above and Below, which is yet another constructed avatar of Semiramis, or Lucifer, or Satan. Yup.

And it so happens that he’s a shape-shifter. Do NOT doubt unto moi – the Evil Kitty! He won’t stop turning a reddish color as I can see the mottling look on his facial skin. Brouhaha! He’s too emotional. Sheesh.

That’s why I do NOT wish to offend other species by dumping my presence into their airspace. That’s why I do NOT wish to venture too far outdoors. I’d rather ‘pray’ (or for those who are truly interconnected with my thoughts) – rant on my own and to get TF out after I’m done with my volunteer gigs.

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