Police officer salaries in Calif…and these are AVERAGE SALARIES. http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/01/police-officer-salaries-in-califand.html

Well, I don’t recognize the names listed. But I plugged my surname into the salaries field and then the benefits. The second wife appears in both. My younger paternal cousins appear in the salaries. My mother appears in the benefits salaries.

Here is the gist. The price may be blessings, but beneath are the sufferings.

The female cousin who is an only child came from a divorced household. Their parents fought before her birth. The mother and daughter sought therapy after the divorce. The deadbeat dad may have helped her but not by being there for her. She still blames us for hurt feelings. She lives with her boyfriend via my idea that she shouldn’t live alone. She live in the Bay Area.

The male cousin has a younger sister who is a faggot since her childhood. She and her lover partner come from strong Catholic upbringing. Both siblings live in your neighborhood down yonder. Their mother looked really sad the last time we met at the buffet restaurant. I saw tears well up in her eyes.

As for the one showing in both database, she too came from an abusive relationship. Her first husband almost strangled her to death. She is married the deadbeat father of the female cousin listed in the salaries file. The old woman matches the dark skin of the deadbeat dad. Both match in style – black, leather, smoking, drinking, and wearing dark yellow gold jewelry.

As for my mother, she suffers in health. She still misses her parents and is the last of her siblings. That broke her heart and exacerbated her heart valve stenosis – so severe she almost died last year. She almost died almost a dozen times with me driving 80 mph to the emergency, and with two ambulances in her lifetime.

So while you may have a sister that lives 300 miles away, count your blessings that you still have family and a good heart.

So while these diversified goons earn thousands for their services, the Lawd Gawd knows how to ‘take cares’ of stuff. The price as y’all may well know in exchange for these highly priced servants are health and relationships problems. Yup, do NOT doubt unto moi – Evil Kitty.

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