My parents watched the first State of the Union Address while I busied myself with emails in response to the administrator of their event planner. I was NOT listening.

With regards to Paul Ryan, Mom sensed in a voice over that would sound like: Oh, shit! I can’t do what I want!

With regards to Mike Pence, Mom sensed in a voice over that would sound like: I hope you are dead. (I think that he wants to be POTUS.)

Anyway, the spiritual deliverer finished our two DESIGNER dresses. She then shared her stories of hospital patients not wanting to die, not believing in Jesus Christ or God as creator before us all, and how she saw the Holy Spirit illuminating the backyard in the dead of night.

Three days ago, the Chinese (because she is Chinese) visited her with firecrackers for fun. Then yesterday she had a bad dream, which was scary. She didn’t know what that meant. She then saw the bag on her sofa.

The bag contained the Lion for Chinese New Year. But she had a bad feeling and knew the Lion represented the Serpent, or Satan.

Before that story, she mentioned the cousin of her husband. She delivered the crazy woman inflicted with bad spirits for forty years. After one and one-half hours, she helped deliver and save the woman, who know grooms herself and sells stuff as business.

Anyway, whenever she sees the Lion, she tears it up. She had to shred days apart the fabric formed as Lion from that bad so others won’t retrieve it.

Yeah, and my thoughts went to Trump, a lion. But she said a guy predicted that Trump would serve two terms. I wonder if Lions serve serpents, or Satan and pals.



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