5PM, and angel visits in trees nearby, view is to the south, complete cloud cover, no sun visible in western sky, sun has set http://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/01/5pm-and-angel-visits-in-trees-nearby.html

Yup, well, once again, the spiritual deliverer shared her ‘secret’ of seeing the Holy Spirit illuminating her backyard in the dark.

Once again, the mind can manifest it’s immediate surroundings and others may not always share in the observation.

So she said that she was upstairs in the bedroom, looked down from the window, and pray to see the illumination after it disappeared. The stuff reappeared and then disappeared.

So yeah if she had her camera ready and if she took some photos as evidence, that would be great! But no! The distracted human didn’t think of snapping outta her dimensional sight to grab a camera or use her smartphone!

I’m wondering how far away are those hills and if a lone dude was simply camping and used his bright flashlight.

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