Watch “Trump’s Epic SOTU Speech Has Broken The Back Of The NWO – Full Show” on YouTube

20180131-2048. On or at the one hour and forty minutes mark, I had a thought. I’m still helping Mom remove the panels of yesterday’s failed golden anniversary gown. The jacket wouldn’t sit properly on her shoulders and it was too short at the back each time she tried to adjust it forward. Bitch.

Two days or so ago, I received my usual Facebook email about adding my contacts. And I saw the name of our former choir conductor. And underneath his name, I read ‘Sanitation of The Order Of The Phoenix’. That’s a Harry Potter stuff. Hilarious.

And so for a couple of days, I kept repeating that phrase in my mind. Because I wanted a hilarious catchphrase that would stick in the mind and for my weblog.

And sure enough, my thought manifest as a dump truck that stalled and stopped on the railway tracks! I told y’all – that stuff happens if I don’t concentrate on thinking good thoughts!

Do NOT doubt unto moi the Evil Kitty.

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