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1. How would you rate President Trump’s State of the Union Address?
Other, please specify: I didn’t watch the show. I’m NOT hearing the stuff outside what he has already said in the past.

2. Do you have any other thoughts to share with the President? (Optional)

Yes, I just pulled up the following web article via Google Search:


Can y’all explain to me why I am seeing lots of ‘commas’ and ‘buts’ to his soundbits of the same stuff from the past.

Can y’all also provide to me and the general public other websites to cross-reference other websites, such as cia.gov? They have lots of dataset worth browsing online. Sheesh.

That’s why I didn’t watch the the first SOTU 2018 made by Mister POTUS Trump because I knew it’s just the same. I’d like to know who y’all can recoup what doesn’t belong to y’all and return that stuff to those who deserve and explanation for why stuff gets buried under tons of bureaucratic ‘red tapes’ and ‘black budgets’.

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