Dear diary,

The days seem busy and full of errands. And with each passing day, my memory gets foggy. I don’t recall what we did exactly yesterday. Let’s see. Yup, I forgot. I know we did alots of stuff. Damn. Yeah, I can’t seem to recall! Wow.

But I recall jogging quickly in the streets of downtown San Jose, CA while using my smartphone GPS location, after we parked at a parking garage directly across from SJSU and that charges $1.00 per 15 minutes. We paid $2.00, but could have paid only one dollar had I NOT gotten lost locating the Amazon store for picking up my order.

This particular rant is about NOT being able to access the internet with my cellular data OR the WiFi of Amazon Guest! I needed to download the passcode to pickup my order after I logged my email address into one of the computers on the floor. Within seconds, I would have been outta there! But no! I ranted aloud that at least it wasn’t a driverless car twice!

So yeah, the clerk was nice, but I was fast getting impatient as I showed her my smartphone and my email address and the email containing the passcode that I could NOT retrieve because the technology sucked – bigly! See? So NOT allow the AI (artificial intelligence) passage! Do NOT! Because, this is what will happen if humanz were replaced! At least she had the confidence that I was the only person picking up that order! Had the clerk been a computer, I know I would NOT get it!

Okay, so if y’all do NOT heed my warning, you are on your own! Phooey! Evil Kitty will NOT be happy if y’all replace her humanz with robots. What is the point of having sharpened claws, if there are no soft humanized flesh to scratch for delivery failure of foodstuff! She will have ruined her claws against metals and that is for sure NOT gonna go well.

Y’all have your orders. Now show me the jobs!


Flynn B.

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