After finishing up my mock budget versus actual analysis of my parent’s celebration based on whatever numbers we have on file, we over spent over five hundred dollars. And this is NOT including the final numbers for catering service and markups for stationery products, and the discretionary gratuity, and other expenses. Sheets.

So I was brushing my teeth and was reading the news article and saw stuff, such as 12/01/2017, federal prison of up to five years, and Russia, Russia, Russia. There was something about being a “better witness”.

Okay, I don’t know what’s going on without evidence. Why can’t y’all make FOIA viable for any and all stuff under investigation? It’s like trying to withhold a precious storyline from a novel, thusly ruining a plot.

But just be honest and tell the truth, throw yourselves at the mercy of the Courts, and hopefully y’all will get lifesavers, so y’all won’t drown in the maritime of laws and whatnots.

So who are the good guys and bad guys? I’m still confused.

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