Happy Groundhog Day! Today was relaxing as we stayed home, partly cloudy with sylphs and chemtrails, and overall still busy as heck, too. I received my OverStock.com order of Nioxin shampoo and condition for my thinning hair, or rather, clumps of hair that seem to be falling out more frequently. I must be stressed.

Yeah, so after transferring the contents of the damaged shampoo bottle into an old lotion container, after combining four bottles of old perfumed shea lotions into the 33.8 fluid-ounced conditioner bottle, for almost one hour or so, after chopping lettuce, adding mini-wontons, and boiling the old necks bones for our soup, I tried writing a great 50th anniversary speech for my parents. I have four pages of chicken notes. But per Google lady and search engineers, the introductory speech is supposed to be only three to five minutes!

So then I keep getting interrupted and had to pickup my maroon-colored evening gown, which the spiritual deliverer trimmed to my straight cut preference. I don’t know why she made it balloon out because from the sides I look swollen, despite my lard ass being thick. So yeah, that took one hour of traffic starting 1345 pm, trying on the garb, watching and waiting for her to glue a rose formed by the shiny lining material and three leaves and placing the back of one of the ‘busy’ golden-colored lace as a backing, going back to get the extra thread, and then coming home to more blogging around 1700 pm.


  1. Oh, you’ll have to post a pic of that gown. I bet it’s beautiful! I love maroon. That color looks good on me, although my two favorite colors are green and purple.

    I’ve been fascia blasting my lard ass. lol. It’s actually working, and my arms are much skinner, as I am blasting that mucin deposit, or whatever nasty excess build up tissue it is. Just waiting for my skin to catch up next. The belly fat is the hardest to blast away, but little by little I whittle it away. It’s Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black Guru. The before and after pictures are amazing.

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