So far we have 44 humanz planning to feast on meaty foodstuff, and another 148 pending RSVP. Yesterday, we complained to the event planner one physician didn’t fill out his name when he ‘Regretfully Declined’ by placing an X-mark in bloody red-colored ink. She said that we won’t miss those who don’t show up. It may be a cruel world but it’s true. Thankfully, the second physician ‘Regretfully Declined’ but included a PERSONALIZED and signed note in a mini-card because she is in Africa this time of the year.

But honestly it would mean a lot to my dad since he is still into that bloodline only faction, while my mom is the last of her siblings remaining. Meaning that she feels my dad’s family is like family to her no matter what happens, mistreatment and such. And since NONE of her kinfolks are in attendance, that’s sad. To make it too apparent of the evil entities surrounding us, the RSVP from Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey is still not here. Oh, well. That’s up to God now.

Anyway, per the event planner, the ‘party’ is supposed to get dressed and ready by the following (ideal) timeline at :

1. 1700-1730, blessing of my parents in recommittment ceremony by the priest (the reserved seating up front is for the relatives, of course, so they should show up BEFORE the church-like ceremony for a group photo),
2. 1730-1830, cocktail hour outside the closed reception area while hotel staff flips forward-facing chairs (like a church) to ten tables with ten humanz per table (like a dining room),
3. 1840, grand entrance of wedding party – first my younger brother and me, along with his Twit Wifey, and followed by my parents,
4. first dance by my parents for only two to three minutes per Google lady,
5. first speech (by Flynn for two to five minutes per Google lady) / first toast (probably by Flynn if my brother has anxiety attack) / family acknowledgements (which doesn’t make sense because it’s NOT their party) / announcement of special guests (which isn’t necessary because they are like everyone else),
6. 1930 – 2000, dance troup performs four dances and sings on love song,
6. blessing over the food by our local pastor prior to eating dinner,
7. serving plated dinner to the humanz,
8. visiting tables for guests to approach elderly couple for group photo behind loveseat,
9. cake cutting,
10. thank you speech,
11. dance floor opens with flynn playing the piano to my parents as DJ invites married couples to the dance floor (approximately 15 minutes),
12. 2355 pm, last dance by the lovely couple,
13. music ends, guest departs (meaning take the flowers and favors and go home),
14, and vendors strike (meaning they get their final payments and/or gratuity).

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