Dear Lawd Gawd,

Tonight, I’ve gotten critical acclaim, err, rebuked by two teachers! I’m being punished! I must be bad! Nay! Evil like Evil Kitty. Hiss. I’m nothing compared to my own blood relatives. I’m meaner and nastier than they realize. Brouhaha! It shows on my face. I act like a thug, and NOT lady-like. Sorry. Brouhaha!

Anyway, Herr Maestro has rebuked the group. He said that we are musically NOT good, that we should find the notes because that can make the areas muddy, that we should NOT come here casually, and that we should be practicing because the piece is above him. He shared how we should go where the energy leads us.

Then, Mommy rebuked me for being clueless. She said that last Thursday’s appointment was supposed to be a ‘food tasting’ NOT ‘food eating’, which is what Dad and I did – and to her embarrassment because the two staff members wanted leave. But I didn’t want to leave the food unwasted. Brouhaha! That’s why I’m still homebound – for I cannot go beyond being a fool.

Welp, I suck. That’s it. If y’all don’t talk to me, I don’t care. I can sense that the fat one at today’s choir rehearsal is trying to tune me out, which is good because I can’t be her shadow all the time and that I can’t always be hovering around her thickness, which might rub off on me.

Mom wasn’t too happy that I’m rehearsing every Monday for three hours! She misunderstood that to be once every month. Nope! She said to just enjoy myself and try, because I’m not too happy about this group. They already mocked Trump while announcing an opera called Adelio.

And Herr Maestro mentioned the ‘me too’ group. I still don’t know exactly what is this ‘me too’ crowd. Oh, I remember! It’s about women victimizing themselves among men who are designed to do their business with procration. So if I didnt wear my hearing aide, I might miss his stuff. Intersting fellow.

Oh, Herr Maestro said that he can cancel the concert because we suck and that’s a fact. Brouhaha! Oh, well! The elderly folks are old. The sopranos can’t seem to hit the high notes as my hearing aide CAN pick up the wrong pitch. I noticed the sopranos won’t stop their vibrato, which isn’t appropriate for ‘choral’ presentation.

I love my hearing aides. But I noticed my brain is ADJUSTING again and tuning out the loud noises, included the amplified tones that are supposed to help me hear normal conversation. Sheets! I almost feel sorry for the musicians who can hear perfect pitch. I told Mom they gotta be the most patient souls because the wrong sounds can be like kitty kat claws scratching the chaulkboard.

I noticed that the men sang their parts well. I believe Herr Maestro is correct because that we do NOT benefit when practicing together as a group and that practicing thirty minutes with our own parts does help program our elderly brains.

Yup. So the .mp3 files do assist in helping me practice. But I do NOT think these elderly folks know computers all that well. It’s too bad because it’s worth it! The other day, I was listening to the .mp3 and reading my score while walking around the park. Dad and I were waiting for Mom to finish her thirty minutes exercise on the recumbent bicycle. She’s paying monthly for the gym.

So that’s it for today, besides staying home, washing some bed linens, ironing clothes, and processing more paper for scanning and archiving. Dad won’t stop yapping and I guess this is due to stress with the upcoming party and that his siblings don’t want anything to do with their eldest sister. His gonna physically hit them, per Mom. That’s how pissed off he is. That’s how pissed off I am with my cousins. Boog! Boot to the head!

And my younger brother is another pissed off story. Maybe one day, he’ll learn to appreciate death because that’s our sentiments for those who are rebellious against the Lawd Gawd and His harsh, yet corrective ways. Everything is so symbolic, I’m surprised how slow humanz have come along.

It’s time to pass out and sleep from two dairy products in place of last night’s dinner, which I skipped because I didn’t feel humgry and because I was running late for choir rehearsal after taking a shower to wash off my smell, since I was gonna sit next to other entities. I almost crashed from lack of sugar around nine o’clock tonight and thank goodness I had my whey powdered drink all ready to slurp down. It’s slightly tasteless but doable. Yuck.


Flynn B.

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