Dear Lawd Gawd,

Tonight, I’ve been scolded. The word ‘scolded’ is the correct word. My English is bad. I’ve been using the word ‘rebuked’ from the Bible because I didn’t know how to use the proper word in ‘context’. Yeah, so my teacher has scolded me.

‘Give me this day, my daily scoldings!’ Mom keeps scolding me and that’s for my own good. Until I’m ready and no longer an ‘egg’, I guess her duty is to put me and others in line. It’s better to be scolded among relatives and bloodlines that to embarrass ourselves with ‘outsiders’. I guess. Sigh.

And so I’ve learned NOT to add or deduct from whatever ‘evidence’ or ‘fact’ presented to me. For example, the personalized note from Marianne on the RSVP is clear. Her handwriting is beautiful, too! I read that personalized note to her mother, who screamed at Mom and me over the phone and insisted over and over again – that there is no more party, no more party, no more party – because she is her mother, who knows everything about her daughter Marianne.

She called Marianne up and then later on she apologized to me – still laughing uncontrollably. OMG! Going forward, my parents and I will no longer invite anyone. That’s one reason why my Dad moved us to San Jose during our growing years – he saw and knew stuff that he didn’t like. To this day, we don’t know exactly his secrets. That’s another reason why we don’t go or at least cautiously go to parties – we see and know stuff that we didn’t like.

Anyway, last night during choir rehearsal – we were held hostage by Herr Maestro who shared why he couldn’t pursue whatever was related to music. Then my rooster alarm clock went off for mom’s medication. Then a fucking retard sitting to my right hand side said out loud – shut off the phone! I think she has Tourrette’s Syndrome. She was sitting with her chin ON HER CHEST in a slouched position. After Herr Maestro shared his story, the old fart SHUFFLED over to our left with her chin still tucked to her chest!

Oh, WTF did I get myself into? I knew when I joined my church choir back in 2013, there would be controversy. And then in 2017, there is still controversy!

But after tonight’s dance lesson, my parents invited the vendor, who is Ilocano. She came from a background of ‘medical professionals’. I could tell that her repport with humanz is good as she is VERY sensitive to their needs, unlike those who easily get hurt feelings.

Medically trained and/or licensed professionals know how to keep their cool and NOT respond in a hostile and arrogant manner.

She knew that there are decisions to make with regards to what’s in the left hand and what’s in the right hand. Both hands have its own problems. She made a good point to which of the lesser two problems on hand would y’all rather have? So I see that cousins coming from divorces do NOT always get along with the enemies. And therefore one set either comes or STAY AWAY.

Okay, Mom wants me to tabulate the ‘Regretfully Declined’. Oh well.



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