Dear Lawd Gawd,

After coming home from tonight’s choir rehearsal, my Dad reminded us of the 2018 Winter Olympics. We tuned into the ice skating rink. And so there were lots of falls. That’s why I cannot watch competitive sports because I want ALL to win, win, win, not fall! That favorite Asian guy from California took a splash, too. Maybe everyone should be surfers so their falls won’t hurt too much compared to the hard icy surface.

Anyway, please kill me now! I’m NOT feeling it. If all has been created perfectly, why must we continue to experience abhorrances, averances, and anomalies? Yeah, so clean it up. Too much yucky stuff. I mean seriously – begone!

Before I forget the ‘network’ continues to synchronize their presence upon my arrivals, and whenever I pass underneath certain streelights, the light bulbs sometimes flicker off. I’ve already busted two light bulbs from the kitchen area in two weeks. I’ve creamed down my hands to reduce elctro static shock but I still feel electrified. And my hair is coming out in clumps.

I keep forgeting to list stuff that doesn’s make sense, like cultures and other phenoms. The ADT videos that I wanted to share via this blog is still pending because I don’t know how to extract the clips from the .exe program. I swear ANY and ALL technology isn’t friendly or affordable. Why can’t we all get along? And why must the DNA be yucky in some and alright in others? Too much variances. I do NOT get it.



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