Yeah, yeah, I can see the ‘face’. I can also see Mikey. He’s alive!

Alas, the chumps on Facebook, especially Das Squirrel would roll his eyeballs. I’m dismayed that the Old Soul refuses to use his gifts.


  1. I remember that pic from a few years ago. The date in the image information says 02-23-05. Sounds about right.

    This pic has always been my all time favorite angel and sun pic of his.

    I am thrilled to see Mikey back too. I did pray for Mikey’s safe return, as I said I would be praying for. Wanna send Mikey some buggles. 🙂

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    1. 20180210-0825. I know he had lots of sun pics and angel pics from way back, but I do NOT remember this one. The wings and darker body were obvious but not so much the ‘bow and/or arrow’. I can see the face in between the wings somewhere. And as for Mikey, he looks less fluffier and probably smaller in this one than in the previous pics of him missing. Hmm.


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