Dear Lawd Gawd,

As I reach the age of MEN-O-PAWS, I’d like to learn how to dance! And since I’m still under and unemployed and will never move beyond these old walls and rot here forever, I wanna dance. But I have no partner!

That’s correct! We’ve been sampling YouTube videos on basic dance steps. It’s hopeless. Dad insists on Tango; while Mom prefers Waltz! Why can’t couples in love find something in common? Why must they be so freaking stubborn and worlds apart – differing in their opinions and, heck, everything else?

So I just finished repeating thrice a YouTube video of four Asian elderly women dancing to the tune of tango music. It’s a very slow easy tempo. I followed well but keep messing up. My thunder thighs and thick hips are too sluggish to be graceful.

I see that lots of Asians do and CAN afford to dance. And lots of Asians are VERY graceful, except Filipinos, whom I suppose are better suited in climing the coconut trees and just having lots of babies, partying, and being lazy with lots of ‘seistas’.

I refuse to dance close with a partner. I smell and don’t want to offend. Likewise, I don’t wanna inhale the evil odor, especially Dad. And Mom should really be his partner, but is of ill health and stubborn, too. She can follow and is VERY graceful. But Dad is too stubborn and doesn’t get it. He’s too slow to understand and follow.

Instead of dancing lightly, he is stomping on the floor. WTF, am I still stuck with these elderly fools? I’m sure they love each other as do other couples who managed to go through lots of hell. But this is ridiculous. I can’t stay here forever! They got to have their time alone and without me serving their idocricies.

Both can’t seem to follow instructions well. Both want to do their own ways. Both are supposed to dance in unison. But I don’t see it, only when they are forced to perform. I don’t see them connecting because it’s not the ways of the olden days. I don’t believe in forever after in human form. It’s a drag as y’all may well be aware.

But for us single folks, freedom! That’s easy because I’m homeless and still living with mommy and daddy. It’s an okay stint but I’m not having it.


Flynn B.


  1. MEN-O-PAWS sucks. It’s a killer in more ways than one, and a constant reminder of aging. It seems our bodies are just biological betrayal units, always betraying us and costing us more $$$ than we want to spend. Maintenance is stressful and stress is a killer too.

    I was reminded of this, as my daughter told us she is on 4 or 5 different prescription medications. Thyroid synthetic T4 which is INACTIVE, high BP, which for her age is TOO young. I have been supplying her some things to help here, and have to get her more. She is 37 going on 38 in March. That is still way too young to be on all these medications.

    I am 60 and on NO medications of any kind. My hubby is 71 and also on NO meds. We skip mainstream doctors, except I go to chiropractors for adjustments, acupuncturist when I feel the need, naturopath when I need NCR, and ROLFer if I need a deep myfascial release. My husband does a good job at adjustment me during the winter months, when I stay at home and go nowhere.

    For my thyroid, I take the lugol’s iodine, or whatever iodine I can get my hands on, take l-tyrosine to assist in the production of natural T4, and selenium to assist in the conversion of T4 to T3. Keeping the liver cleared and clean is very important in the T4 to T3, and stress compounds the problem by raising cortisol and causing the RT3 (reverse T3). Onions are full of natural selenium, besides the naturally occurring sulfur. I have bought her some d-limolene, carvacrol and terpenes type of essential oils to help with the fatty liver, and kidney stones, and some NAC for her liver too. We helped get her and her husband caught up with bills and such, by signing her up with the same affiliate programs, and I cross post on her behalf. See what I mean about the money stuff going towards these costly biological betrayal units? Already have most of it written and mapped out on what to do for EACH of her conditions. Same with us, which is why we need no pHARMaceuticals.

    I’m ready for that stellar end times glorified body we are supposed to be getting.

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    1. 20180210-0829. In my old blog, I mentioned buying an iodine supplement liquid drop from the AJ site. And after using the stuff, my system got whacked – it stopped, then started, and lasted longer than usual. Interesting times to be human. Too much care and maintenance.


      1. I took the clear Biotics Research iodine, and also used the Nascent iodine and never had any reaction. I felt the same actually. But recently I am on the Lugol’s iodine and felt whacked too, at first. I take it as part of the Steve Beddingfield F.I.R.M. protocol to kill critters. So the “whacked” feeling is a detox reaction or rather “die off” as he says. I had that. The other iodines never caused it for me.

        Also the “whackedness” could be the Lugol’s moving out bromine, fluorine, which both of those are also “halogens”, as is iodine. Iodine is a good halogen, whereas the other two are bad halogens. And halogens will compete for the iodine receptors in the thyroid. Since iodine is deficient in American diets, then it stands to reason, why the bad ones from flouridated water and bromines from breads, oils, etc… end up in the iodine receptors. According to Steve and his protocol, it could take up to a year to clear all the bad halogens out, and then eventually the iodine will fill those receptors.

        It’s possible that you could have had a “die off” or a Herx reaction. I take the rest of the thyroid stuff like the L-Tyrosine (amino acid) which helps the thyroid produce the T4 (inactive hormone). I also found a good selenium in bulk, and the selenium helps with the conversion of T4 to T3 (active hormone) which T3 has to get into the cells to work at the cellular level.

        A clogged liver and gallbladder that full of stones will interfere with the process, so the liver/gallbladder yucky flushes have to be done. The liver is also congested energetically, which is termed in Chinese medicine as Live Qi congestion, caused by Spleen Qi deficiency. An angry or upset individual will have what is termed an upset liver, which then causes blood stasis (another Chinese term). I have been following all this stuff for 20 years, so I know what causes what, and what is needed for this, that, and another. It sucks that it has taken this long to figure all this out.

        If my daughter only lived closer, I would be able to help her out more efficiently. But alas, she’s on the other side of the country. Sigh. So I do the best I can.


  2. Hello Flynn,

    I think that learning to dance and actually dancing is a good idea, can be an easy way to get exercise, can be fun, can help you connect with other people, et cetera.

    I have never danced or been taught to dance or tried to learn, but I would if someone offered to teach me.

    So I say keep it up and good luck getting your parents to join in the fun, it will probably be good for them, and there are so many dancing styles and moves that they can at least try.

    With practice I imagine that y’all will get better.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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