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I am so busy trying to get my slideshow presentation completed by this Friday that I’ve NOT had the time to blog about my crap. I’m up to 244 individual slideshow frames and that’s NOT counting the other stuff that I’ve yet to compile from the eighties, nineties, etc! The photos focus mostly on the lovely couple and their ungrateful children, who frankly do NOT give a damn. But we still love each other. How sick is that?

After the Pastor’s Ball two Saturdays ago, we had to leave early after dessert was served. Mom was feeling sick and dizzy and had general weakness that she almost didn’t walk to the car. I think that SVP parish hall is possessed because long ago when Father Michael was celebrating a Thanksgiving evening dance party, an old Filipino guy passed out and an ambulance had to be called. Sheesh.

So I had to call the ambulance because the swollen one couldn’t haul her sickness to the car, of which I’m the ambulance. This would be her third trip to the hospital through the ambulartory service, which is worth a couple of thousands of dollars for her royal swolleness.

So Mom is staying temporaryily at a skilled nursing home near the hospital, which had the heart on the granite flooring immediately near the front entrance of the double door to the lobby. Madam Mews knows what I’m talking about because I blogged about it with a photo and replied to her email inquiry.

Oh, the god damn patient made a scene on the fifth evening of her hospital stay about being swollen and not being given her medications on time. (She didn’t want the insurance to pay for her stay).

So she got a skilled nursing home in which her primary care physician does NOT visit. We tried to switch our request but they said it was too late. Liars. Hey, Mister POTUS Trump – if this is true, they didn’t tell us until too late. It was just a few minutes. But the facility managed to get her a ‘private room’. Sheesh.

And she also caused a commotion that improved the living conditions of the patients and hopefully the working conditions of the stay, who each have forty to care for in one eight-hour shift. She got loud and mentioned that they would fail the licensing because they didn’t wipe down the stuff or mopped the floor.

Mom complained that the stinking place is filty, dirty, and non-compliance because they wouldn’t throw out the trash cans, they wouldn’t fix the clogged toilet of which I took a photo for evidence of complaint, and two Hispanic guys walked into Mom’s room with a plunger to get to the SHARED bathroom, which has the clogged-line toilet and sink.

My Google search online indicated that these nursing homes do the basics at the expense of the money source – the insured. So how do y’all MAGA if these facilities are NOT in compliance and well don’t tell the family and patient about the ‘ombudsman’ stuff?

After the hospitalization and transfer to the skilled nursing home for further treatment last Thursday, Mom called me Saturday night so she can go home. So I failed to leave a voicemail message for the doctor who was out until Tuesday. I think the recorder wasn’t ‘live’.

We learned from Mom that this particular place has LOTS of complaints. So why are these business in cohoots with the top one percent or whoever? Why can’t y’all rid the evil that which is the stinky smelly odor of poo? I don’t know.

Yeah, so the overall energy of the place ‘lifted’ the following day. So our next fix would be the place where are lots of antennas stick up from this one establishment, where we’re celebrating next month. Brouhaha!


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