END the Diversity Visa Lottery Program Immediately

The Diversity Visa Lottery is a backwards program that puts the safety of the American people at risk.

MERIT-BASED IMMIGRATION is the ONLY acceptable alternative.

Please add your name to our petition DEMANDING an end to the Diversity Visa Lottery program.

Yeah, well, yesterday, heck the whole time Mom has been at this skilled nursing home since after 15:00 pm last Thursday the fifteenth, she’s been encouraging the staff to complain about the unfair workload of over forty patients per Registered Nurse.

The reason why the licensed staff cannot complain is because they have no other job. One worked for ten years and the other worked for eighteen years and they just put up and shut up, expect for the Filipinos who do NOT take crap from places where working conditions are UNFAIR.

Yeah, so the other one is an SAI, she has bad and broken English but she passed the state board and is a Registered Nurse. But since Mom was a lead or charge nurse, she instruced this DIVERSE group that they are incorrect and NOT doing the correct ways, such as ‘Air-In Line’ alarms, and most especially giving medicines meant for three times a day, a just after four hours of administering the last dose.

So I’m learning from the swollen one who continues to teach these new groups of first generations, like myself to respect and behave and follow proper procedure.

Yesterday, I shared the slideshow of Mom being a nurse as evidence that Mom isn’t making up crap. The lead M.D. is Chinese. The director of the residential service is a Hispanic. And a tall whitish nurse guy seemed goofy. OMG! That is Mom’s purpose! To teach. And I’m here to record and report back our ‘findings’.

So to Mister POTUS Trump, while Mom might have benefited from the PCP’s first choice of skilled nursing home, the Lawd Gawd has placed into her, nay, our ward the responsibility to make noise. Yup. Do NOT doubt unto moi. I even photograped the back of that tall nurse when he can into Mom’s room to administer the antibiotics via Midline every twelve and six o’clock hours. Hmm.

Yeah, so in as much as I do NOT like the cooties of the disabled and elderly, forgive my discrimination, I’d like to care for my parents as much as possible at the convenience and comfort of home but I do NOT have the training or licensing or self control against my potty mouth against stubborn old fools.

Amen! Now leave me by myself! Ack!


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