Youtube BANS Alex Jones and Infowars, among others…the 1st amendment is being killed off, the most important one of them all. http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/03/youtube-bans-alex-jones-and-infowars.html

Sorry, but if y’all been reading my rants, this was bound to happen. Told you so, too! It’s a double – edge sword, I’m afraid.

Respondent STILL living directly adjacent to us refused to exercise her ‘right to remain silent’ before getting her first RO from us or two RO – the first from the second husband for DV.

Our local parishioners would ask how is our neighbor. To which I would reply that she has been quiet. Yeah, right. But that’s temporary.

These ROs are filed with CLETS and my favorite alphabet soup agency the DOJ and pals. But these ROs won’t stop her pie hole.

Enough said! The first amended right is bogus. It allows evils to spew forth evil, bearing false witness against thine neighbors and such.

Do NOT doubt unto moi and Evil Kitty. It’s just a sad reality. The beast lurks everywhere.


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