To my cousin Marianne,

Hey! If you see a golden frame with a cursive number four in turquoise color, your mother STOLE the rental! Bella stuffed more into her purse! Those are rental items! OMG! We will pay for the thief. Go and verify, pronto! The event planner reported her to Mom.

To my cousin Chill,

Your relatives grabbed the freaking wrong table and didn’t see that they belong to table number four! The event planner had to remind them to match their names and escort card with the correct food selection and table number! Can you snoop and found out if I’m seeing and hearing things?



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Greetings, I'm an amateur blogger, who opines and whines on just about anything. Thank you.

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  1. 20180317-1739. Per Sam’s text message sent to me on March 14 at 0914 am, CM dropped off leftover stuff, such as guest favors, guest book, and canvas portrait. CM informed us that she told informed table number four of missing frames and votives and wanted to check the bags upon which Bella and/or Malou denied. Then the missing stuff was returned. (Unholy bloodlines of crazy greedy kleptos! If you find yourselves asking others, “Can I have this”? Then you are shameful.)


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