Dear Lawd Gawd,

Seriously, are y’all gonna kill me now? I’m bored, seriously! I’ve not been keeping up with my blogging and have slept frequently in the past few days!

However, while the world passes on, the weather is beautiful – rainy, chilly and then later on fluffy puffy clouds of white against crispy clear blue skies!

I’ve been keeping busy with caregiving to my elderly parents – the emergency this February 10 all the way to their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary this March 10.

I’ve balanced their checkbook and savings account and have time to blog. I’ve cleaned my email and visited a website powered by WordPress, entered my password for business only, and downloaded two .pdf files ‘Roster-Spring-18-Sectl’ and ‘Roster-Spring-18-Alpha’.

Symbolically, I saw that my occupation was entered as ‘TEACHER’! This is un-freaking believable! I’m NOT a teacher! I’m a fugly human with a bad potty mouth! The occupation should say, Retired loser living with her parents! Sheesh.

So tonight from 1900 to 2130, we listened to Jasmin singing the lead role of ‘Legally Blonde’ at my former high school, which y’all can see under my Facebook account.

Unfortunately, California is sick and sickening. The educational school system has been indocrinating these children into accepting the role reversal.

They presented two boys who proclaimed their faggotdom aloud to the audience. They had Jasmine get on one knee to her mentor in marriage proposal.

They presented the lawyer boss hitting on Jasmin who struck back with the palm of her right hand. I am severely irked! If I were the Lawd Gawd, I’d be severely irked!

Jasmin has acted VERY well tonight – kept in character, sang, and danced. The other three tall whitish females were horribly outta tune! The mostly Asians cast were really good.

I saw a short actress that looked like my former mentor, Joan Y. She played a lesbian and was really loud like a pirate. The tall Asian lawyer boss looked like my younger cousin Jojo.

My dad and I joined the other parishioners – Gloria, Connie, Zenaida, and Jasmin’s parents Amelita and Edgardo. We carpooled Connie and after walking to the parking lot she invited us to Clem’s show in July.

Sheesh. Please back off already! I’m not interested. I guess my occupation should NOT be TEACHER but carpool lady – driving Mister and Misses Daisies and other elderly old farts to wherever I can!


Evil Kitty

P.S. I am counting the carpooling costs with my nail claws. Y’all owe us kibbles and other humanized snacks for being your Lyft and Uber. Yes. Yes. Hiss. Hiss.

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    You made me laugh with this line: “The occupation should say, Retired loser living with her parents! Sheesh”, that reminded me of something that I might say, well done; and it made me think of this song:

    -John Jr


  2. 20180318-1620. Addendum, so today before choir mass, I told Jasmin she stayed in character but made a goof in one line in which she tried to proclaim the word ‘feminism’. This was yet another example of how the Holy Spirit operates – triggering the mouth to stop destroying men, or males with the Jezebel spirits. Also, I noticed how scary the teenager’s pink nail tips looked – long, oval, and claw-like reptilian. But y’all won’t believe until y’all see what I mean. Yup. ( / criticism off )


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