Dear diary,

I am auditing the guests to my parents’ 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary and finding out who is naughty and who is nice. I won’t forget stuff, okay?

We requested our charity of choice to inform us of who donated. But due to the donor policy and privacy policy, they are NOT allowed to disclose the amount donated, which is fair and makes sense.

These humanz FAIL to understand the concept of ‘In Lieu of Gifts’. Remember, nothing is for free. You have to relieve yourselves of such ‘kindness’. Think about it.

And although the honorees said – do NOT worry about it, I worry about your ‘spiritual’ aspect of eating for free. Do y’all understand why the Lawd Gawd can be so easily irked?

And y’all call yourselves church-goes. I am truly ashamed, especially of our relatives of tables one and four. But I’m not holding my sword over your heads, okay?

Spiritually, y’all are supposed to ‘return’ or reciprocate as indicated or requested on any invitation to the charity of choice – and for a good cause. It’s for ‘them‘ – the community.

So do please do be aware, especially you – Joylene. My father gave you $250 in check money though he couldn’t attend your party with the banshee cousin of yours.

Also, if y’all inform us of prayers in lieu of gifts, you’ve been absolved of your sins. Young or old, there are those who cannot escape insincereity and senility. I’ll leave that up to the Lawd Gawd for his final judgement against ingrates.


Evil Kitty

Here is a sample link ‘In Lieu of Gifts’: https://www.elcaminohospital.org/give-back/foundation/ways-to-give

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