So for the week of Monday, February 19th, I have Jury Duty – An Honorable Service. That’s the purpose of being a jury – to help the Courts, the Judge, and other players decide the fate of the sinner.

But as always, a potential juror is on stand-by as the lawyers representing the affected parties narrow down their decisions on who may or may not be fair and balanced.

Unfortunately, I’m already brainwashed as a Catholic and have been heavily exposed to controversial topics, such as paranormal and conspiracy, that my opinions will be only for fun.

Sorry, while I believe in the Constitution, when an evil person is allowed their free speech and other freedom, and yet harms, I don’t like it. I believe in corporal punishment.

Hang them by the gulag nuts for all I care, especially those that wasted the food at the hotel. Unbelievable waste! And the guests get to eat for free. WTF? That’s the last time I’m going near these events.

The event planner sabotaged the slideshow and my keyboard. She didn’t say anything despite the failure of the DJ whom I knew didn’t know anything about renting the keyboard, stating he didn’t have time to test if it works and lied about the slideshow working. He’s also Ilocano. Jerk.

I knew something was wrong with her the moment we found out she didn’t like Trump. Typical Mexican. Doesn’t know her Ilcano husband acts like a faggot. Acting all public with their display of affection. I’m only seven years older than her and it’s cooties to me.

So they may get bad karma for not processing the requests of the client. The EXTRA fucking gratuity is also a waste. Ungrateful DemonCraps who voted for Hildebeast and takes photos of the likes of Kapernick.

She was being professional as my parents held her hostage with their conversations to nowhere last Wednesday. I wanted her out but it was really raining hard. She had her hair flicking episode again when I mumbled something about makeup in regards to Das Squirrel wanting to ‘come out’.

Anyway, I chopped off my hair last Sunday and surprised the choir members nearby me. They seem to like it. But I had to because my hair is thinning and falling in clumps on the floor. It’s also to keep away from CM who seemed disappointed that I chopped it. Brouhaha.

Yeah, so I’m thinking too much and hoping for too much. And I didn’t care about celebrating though my elderly parents are becoming more gullible and more vulnerable to these Californian infiltrator.

Oh yeah Mom got bad vibes from someone. But I cannot say on my blog. I saw her throw something at the girl who got the and vibes. I complained to Mom that the CEO is abusing the staff. But Mom rebuked me and said if she was the boss she and needs stuff done, she can throw stuff at staff.

See? So Mom the reptilian and CM the reptilian both try to come off as sincere and professional. Taken. But they both give me cooties and I had to force myself to play along.

And to add to my misery, I’m still surrounded by reptilianz in both groups – the church choir and the other volunteer gig. I ask the Lawd Gawd – am I finished with my punishment – doing community service with these tongue flickers?

Once again, y’all fail to understand because y’all don’t see what I’m saying. Sheesh.

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