On Tuesday, March 6th, I took several videos of my parent’s practicing before their golden celebration. The schedule hour was from 1600 to 1700. CM didn’t teach anything new and didn’t say anything much and just watched my parents practice. This was also a waste of money because they messed up the routing on the day of celebration.

Anyway, I saw two golden orbs streak by in front of my line of vision.

The first golden streak came by from right to left. It was bright. My hands, smartphone, and bit bobble head were steady while taking the video. I followed it with my eyeballs at it disappeared to the left at shoulder width, the same length from the right.

Then the second golden streak came by from left to right, only seemingly closer to my chest. The first ione seem closer and above my right extended arm length. The ‘gait’ was a travel speed slightly slower than the first. Both had a bounce to their travel.

So yeah, I couldn’t say Greetings as I was focused on filming. I thought those two were triggering our emotions at home. But I wasn’t afraid, just wondering if they were in front of the camera for photographic proof!

But no! They both traveled behind and above my extended forearms. I guess I was too weary to care from the February 10th emergency and discharge on the 26th.

But y’all will never see what I’m saying. The dork is correct. Some stuff we just have to keep to ourselves. Mom believed me when I reported my phenom to her a last night, or the other night. Yup. She said we’re guided.

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