Yeah so I’ve been having those ‘flashes’, which is NOT accompanied by pain or headaches. And no it’s not a stroke or retina failure.

These flashes are becoming more frequent. The last time I had something that bright and intense was during my temp job from hell.

I mentioned my phenom experience on my OLD blog in which I sat in an approximate spot where ten workers were murdered by gunshots by a disgruntled former employee who gained entry. This was before the electronic badges.

I sat there and was bored and I kept typing on BIG BOLD fonts on a document software the word ‘Help me’ over and over again. I was consciously typing the words because I was bored but earning a cool nineteen bucks an hour.

So yeah y’all still won’t see what I’m saying. I still can see ‘air streams’ coming off moving vehicles – the dirty brown ones mostly and few with whitish streams. And yes, I’ve been blowing up streetlight lamps as I drive by after choir rehearsals at night.

Do y’all care? Nope? Good. Losers.

Categories: flynnspaws

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