Mom said to stop playing on the computer.

Instead of YouTube wasting its time censoring and deleting inappropriate video content for the kids or general audience, why don’t y’all post a screenshot of a PSA, or public service announcement, and inform the spoiled brats to turn off the computer and go to the local library and read a good book?

Then little Timmy will cry out his eyes and rat on his parents – Daddy, Mommy the big bad Tube doesn’t want me to watch porn!

Never mind. Y’all wanted artificial intelligence and yet y’all can’t get your algorithms together! Failures.


  1. Hello Flynn,

    Even on regular YouTube things are getting worse with YouTube cracking down on YouTubers and their videos for various reasons (the reasons keep growing), and a lot of it is automated so it makes mistakes at times.

    Your public service announcement idea is good, I am surprised that YouTube and Google do not seem to be doing that, though I have heard that they might start experimenting with linking to Wikipedia articles on videos that talk about certain topics:


    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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      1. Hello Flynn,

        And that is just one of his channels. 😀

        I have not checked out any of his channels in a while either, and it has been a while since him and Dashie have teamed up.

        Thank you for responding,

        -John Jr


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