Mom said to stop playing on the computer.

Instead of YouTube wasting its time censoring and deleting inappropriate video content for the kids or general audience, why don’t y’all post a screenshot of a PSA, or public service announcement, and inform the spoiled brats to turn off the computer and go to the local library and read a good book?

Then little Timmy will cry out his eyes and rat on his parents – Daddy, Mommy the big bad Tube doesn’t want me to watch porn!

Never mind. Y’all wanted artificial intelligence and yet y’all can’t get your algorithms together! Failures.

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    Even on regular YouTube things are getting worse with YouTube cracking down on YouTubers and their videos for various reasons (the reasons keep growing), and a lot of it is automated so it makes mistakes at times.

    Your public service announcement idea is good, I am surprised that YouTube and Google do not seem to be doing that, though I have heard that they might start experimenting with linking to Wikipedia articles on videos that talk about certain topics:


    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


  2. I still think that Tpindell did a pretty good funny job joking about the YouTube situation back in 2016:

    -John Jr


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