Dear Lawd Gawd,

OMG! Kill me now! WTF are things so complicated! I just discovered how to EXPAND the column view to my MacBook Air. Un-freaking believable! I swear! There may be brain implants on every human brain just to look up ‘Help’ and then the answers appear before our eyes WITHOUT typing! But for now, I believe it’s call ‘telepathy’.

After all this time, I was having trouble organizing my files among THOUSANDS of folders! Yup. I’m a nerd! I have folder and sub-folders for almost everything. If I were a coupon lady, I’d probably have tons of unused clippings. Gasp! I could be a crazy cat lady with lots of kitty cats hoarded indoors! Also, I have three parakeet pet birds and they are all that I need.

Now, I’m experiencing cramping inside my right rib cage just where the liver would be located. Great! Am I to have liver problems? I already have gray hairs that used to be itchy – but no longer. And Mom refuses to pluck the suckers and relieve me from scratching my scalp!

So now I’m gonna reorganize my files. I had to transfer duplicate files from my OLD computer upstairs. It’s so slow. It’s an HP. It’s running on some Windows Preview Build and it’s still having problems updating to the latest build. I don’t really use it but maybe for storage.

I have another laptop but that runs on Windows, too. So now my parents are sitting together and being happy. I’m not happy. But I should be for everyone else, correct? NOT!


Evil Kitty

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