Dear diary,

It’s a nail biting experience. Not really. I keep checking the ‘www scscourt org / online_services / jury / jury_duty_weekly_status shtml’ though the line item of my group number says to check back today afte 1700 pm.

I’ll have to understand that being a juror is exciting, too. One needs to be a neutralized robot NOT to pass judgement beyond evidence. But I do wonder how moral and ethics codes influence a prospective juror.

I’ll probably make the mistake of agreeing just to pass over everything quickly as I’m an impatient person. In other words, I could sense what would be the upcoming or next trend.

I’ve never sat in a juror pool, though I barely recall sitting in line, waiting to be called up by the judge.

I know the Ingrish is fair because my brain has been overcompensating like a tone deaf person since childhood and I would just smile and agree to pass over stuff as if I’m smart.

So yeah, I’m busy caregiving to my elderly parents. Dad wants to get his shingle vaccination because Mom believes he’ll benefit. The Medicare will cover the shot but Dad will have to make co-pay up front.f

I feel differently as the symptoms appear to be related to infected boogers trapped into the nasal sinuses which drains its infected boogers into the throat and down the lungs.

So the nasal saline wash in a soft squeeze bottle works for me to stave off ‘flu-like’ symptoms. But Mom like the hard plastic ‘Neti’ pot for flushing out her boogers instead. I just like bending over the sink instead of standing upright.

So I’ve been making appointments for Mom and following up on prescription medication refills and playing with the pet parakeet birds as my other caregiving activities.

Oh, and back to juror status. I’m aware of the Constitutional Amended rights of humanz. But once again, if the evidence shows the offending party is evil, then off with its head or tails for advanced ALIENS species.

I’ve NOT kept up with news related information. But if the judge orders me to keep away from Alex Jones, Inforwars, and other mainstream ad nauseaum news media, I’ll just get bored.

That means I cannot blog because the snoopers will know my identity. Phooey! Phooey! Ugh! Guilty! Guility, I say! Hear! Hear! (Oops – it’s NOT guilty before proving innocence. I’ve got the reversed version of reality.)



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