So I’ve moved my sleeping arrangements upstairs on the freaking FIRM mattress, leaving my softened TempurPedic form mattress below where Mom snores freaking LOUDLY after her TAVR and pacemaker last July 2017m

So while I’m waiting in the car with the windows rolled down to the freezing rainy weather, I’m listening to YouTube video songs by Richard Clayderman!

That’s correct! The sound is compatible for shopping at your local ASIAN grocery stores, which seem to play lots of violin and piano complications. I’m ASIAN so I like these instrumentals.

And as such I happen to play the piano with my short fingers. I’m tempted to buy a keyboard for fun. I wonder if I can mix the background sounds while playing the melody and recording for YouTube uploads.

Plus, I was totally interested or engrossed in that New Aged agenda with their love and light, heart felt coloration and diagrams of spiritual growth and whatnots. To date, I’m still scratching my now growing grayish whitish hair for unanswered questions, such as Who am I? Where am I?

Yeah so back to my sleeping arrangements. I couldn’t sleep because I drank regular sized McDonald’s coffee and grand sized Caramel whatever Starbuck. Plus I was still listening to old Clayderman songs.

I don’t know if I can crash in exhaustion as I’ve been getting by with only four hours of sleep, like Mister POTUS Trump. Maybe I should be praying to fill in these unused hours, which I’ve been doing – boosting and getting heart quakes!

As a result, I’ve been feeling woozy, not dizzy, without pain, as if I want to sleep. Yup.

Oh, and this morning I’ve waited almost FOUR freaking hours for Dad to complete his DLC renewal from regular to REAL ID with three supporting documents which the DMV scanned for their records.

BUT I was super smart to tape over the values on their SSA Form 1099 and Secured Property Tax Bill. Me smart! Yup! This is just yet another way to ‘snoop’ for confidential information.

I believe window number fourteen is the supervisor or lead of that DLPC because I saw this SAI or Hispanic looking guy sign off on the paperwork of the adjacent Asian woman sitting next to him. Yup. He looked impatient.

So before waiting line, we FAILED to fill out, sign and date a form. We lost our place in line to about one dozen beaners, err, humanz. That was thirty minutes of waiting.

Then we waited one more freaking hour for our number G035 to be called. Then I waited another freaking one more hour for Dad to fail the computerized test and pass the paper written test one-hundred percent!

Then we shopped at the DeCA inside our local airfield and picked up two orders of Chinese food – noodles and veggies which Mom didn’t like.

So now it’s 20180320-1527 and my battery level of 38 percent. I think I’m feeling 38 percent but strangely I don’t feel weak or sleepy. Hmm.

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