Yeah so I keep checking the jury status online and noticed that they chopped up the group numbers into fifteen, ten of which are already summoned leaving five more to go. I told Mom after I talked to her about Dad passing the written percent one hundred percent. But she said I won’t be called because the lawyers got their humanz. Okay, fine.

Oh, with regards to waiting almost freaking FOUR hours at our local DLPC, I’ll have to request, nay, demand that y’all eliminate humanz from getting licenses, especially for motorized vehicles! Why Flynn? Are you an insane globalist bitch? Yes.

It’s because y’all forced me to waiting in line, though these damn computers are supposed to speed up the process. It’s a failure! There were supposed to be 1 – 31 windows open and available, and yet there seems to be not even half used! That’s just the left of the building’s wing with the right half closed off! Idiots!

As a result, I demand autonomous vehicles, the driverless cars! Y’all are just punishing us more and more each day for stuff that’s supposed to be handled like self checkout stands at most grocery and hardware stores!

I’m disappointed. Once again I mentioned in my OLD blogs how handicapped humanz can get around in their own or government sponsored driverless cars. The technology is available but y’all are failing to upgrade the safety and security feature of these useful tools.

Sometimes I wonder if walking is a joke.

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