20180321_1111573 – Civic Center Parking Garage


20180321_11043 – Stop Take Ticket With You


20180321_11042 – JURORS VALIDATED ticket


20180321_11031 – Bridge on Level 3


20180321-0820183 – Hall of Justice (HOJ)

Dear diary,

The Honorable Judge (from Department 25) has released unto moi due to a hardship in which I give care to another person and no one else is available as backup. He had me approach the bench to speak louder. He thanked me for being patient.

I really wanted to be juror once in a lifetime. I believe my purpose in this anonymous weblog is to ‘help’ your decisions. However, I do NOT wanna cause undo influece to the opinions of humanz regarding any case.

Once again, everyone is innocent, just like little newborn babies until proven guilty as larger spoiled brats. This is criminal case. For me no one is a criminal until proven guilty by the POWER of the juror.

I asked for Mom’s advice if I should publish the Court Order, which is signed and dated by the Judge. There is a sentence way on the bottom and inside the gray box stating:

“This order is for you to keep and you may show it to anyone.”

The following line also states the same:

Line 1. This order is for you to keep and you may show it to anyone.

So if Matt Meister and pals wish for me to publicize this Court Order, let me know. I am tempted, really. Why, Flynn? You have too much bad luck surrounding your space. You should have stayed. Idiot!


Evil Kitty (hiss… hiss…)

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