Dear diary,

While pooping loose and floating BM on the toilet this instance, I’ve discovered my goof!

I discovered that I signed off my REAL agent name on two weblog posts! I’ve reverted to my anonymous name. Sheesh.

Alas, I’ve failed. Now, y’all can hang me by the neck and incinerate me. I’m at your mercy. It’s okay. I forgive y’all.

Anyway, I’m under and unemployed, so there’s no need to fear of any repercussions from employers – prospective or not.

The only thing I request is – do NOT delete my online stuff but archive it away in cyber space for laughs. I ‘delete permanently’ thinking I’m saving space.

I’ve got nothing to loose except my face, which will squeal the truth. My reputation is nothing since I’ve nothing to my name.

I’m homeless. So it’s like there is nothing to be gained via the Courts since most stuff do not belong to me while stuck on this hellish plant.

So beware. I’m watching and hearing. I’m making my notes and checking it twice. And of course, I’m an idiot.


Flynn B. (Yup. That’s me!)

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