Dear diary,

It’s so wonderful to blog and relax after the trials and errors, such as signing off with my real AGENT name. I went through the fiery dessert, the valley of death and shadows, and I’m still alive. My elderly parents are still alive and other ungrateful humanz, too. I wonder if it’s really a ‘wonderful world’ or simply a ‘hellish planet’.

Currently, I’m experiencing noisy GI. My intestines are growling, now and during this morning’s first forty minutes of introductory from the Honorable Judge (Department 25). I’ve made one good dump prior to being excused from jury duty, and three more large, water, and floating dumps afterwards. I must be drinking too much milk.

Anyway, I’m still the primary caregiver to my elderly parents. So far my daily activities include processing incoming mail (scanning, archiving, or discarding); overseeing medical and medicines; driving Mister and Misses Daisies to their doctor appointments, and other errands, such as blood work, groceries, and shopping.

As for my second choir gig, we have a dress rehearsal with the San Jose Baroque Orchestra. We will finally get to hear ourselves in the space located in Saratoga, California. Herr Conductor was pissed that we are NOT doing so well. But all he could do is smile and think that maybe we should ‘pass’ the class.

I disagree! We should disband and chop off heads from NOT trying hard enough and for NOT keeping up with the lessons. I’m NOT that elderly but that’s the best these WELL-seasoned old farts can do, especially since their voices will have changed due to the many years of dedication and love to music.

I don’t know. Where does Flynn fit it? Mom thinks that it’s okay to carpool our current church choir leader to the gig. Without her, I’d be stuck in the church choir and NOT have the opportunity to expand my repertoire with other singing groups of the bay area.

Okay, okay! I’m gonna brag! I’ve been practicing with the SJSC. See? I kid y’all NOT. But beware! I’m watching and hearing stuff. Herr Conductor said that it’s NOT appropriate to talk about personal stuff during our rehearsals. I mouthed, ‘Thank you’.

Because HALF of the time, I’m deaf and my stupid EXPENSIVE hearing aids can’t seem to filter out the excessive background noise of LOUD conversations in the church hall where we practice. Once again, I’ve resorted smiles and nods and okay.

Tonight, I will NOT wear my hearing aids and will try sing loudly and clearly, although Herr Conductor said to NOT sing loudly but to sing naturally and WITHOUT the excessive volume. He got visibly angry that the volume was too loud.

Oops. Okay, I do NOT understand what he means because I can’t seem to find the ‘strength’ or confidence to sing without messing up. I’m learning to unhinged my paralyzed jaw to allow the throat to open up, and my paralyzed mouth.


FLYNN B. (whatever…)

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