Dear Lawd Gawd,

Please kill me now! Why must I be stuck on this hellish planet? And to what end?

I’m happily blogging at home while the nurse from Fremont, California is distracting Mom with discharge papers. I’m wearing my number 31 hearing plugs so I won’t hear their confidential craps.

I swear, if Mom only hires these professional helpers, she wouldn’t need me since her health care insurance is VERY good. (Y’all can snoop around online for State of California transparency information.)

I also wouldn’t be under and unemployed if Mom just hired helpers. I also would have been able to fill out the questionnaires for jury duty instead of checking off the harship request of giving care to another person AND with no one else as backup.

I also wouldn’t be stuck with church folks, who are the most hard core scary bunch of dedicated faithful believers who worship unknown and invisible forces. And since I got invited to join the main choir, I’m stuck with the current choir leader, who has encouraged me to participate with a bunch of older farts in another singing group.

Now I end up carpooling the old fart because she drives freaking slow and lumbers around with her thick body, which can barely squeeze in and outta of Dad tiny four door sedan car, which I borrowed last night for a dress rehearsal in Saratoga, California.

OMG! I was being rude and tired to her after three hours of nonsense, err, choir rehearsal. Herr Conductor blew up as he started shape shifting. I could see the facial skin turn a mottled shade of bruising of some sort. Are all musicians that hard core, too? Sheesh.

OMG! Upon entering that church off the 85, I smelled evil odor! It’s the smell of homeless humanz who have NOT bathed. The stentch of urine and oily sweat stuck in the front section of the pews where these ALIENS were gathering for the dress rehearsal.

OMG! I walked down the front middle aisle, appreciated the high ceiling innards, and by the time I got up front – that’s when the smell wifted up my nose holes. I moved to the ‘right’ section (facing forward) for the Altos and still the smell followed my nose.

OMG! I need to quit this gig! I’m not a happy camper. I do NOT like carpooling. I do NOT like the whitish humanz who smell worse than nursing home residents! I kid y’all NOT! They are mostly elderly folks, of whom Janice our section leader uses a walker!

So yeah two practices ago, I helped Kathy bring up the walker of Janice to the parish hall for practicing. Of course, Janice the Duck mentioned something about us doing at least one act of charity per day. Sheesh. No wonder I was summoned to serve these old farts!

Maybe, I’m being selfish and greedy! Where’s my Jetpack? Where’s my two million stash for life? Nothing! But I got a chance to be stupid and poor with my own kinds. That’s correct, huh? I should be thankful, huh?

Speaking of smell, the word ‘elderwood’ came to mind last night while still smell their stentch from hell. The dank smell is NOT rotten eggs (as described by Trump Mafia The Truth Syndicate about the Hildebeast) but the evil smell is musty like a dark forest of dead, decaying trees. That’s the smell of homeless whitish folks. The smell of blackish nogs are that of burnt embers. The Asians smell of oily pork fat. And the rest smell stink.

I’m sorry. There’s reason why I am a home girl. I do NOT like offending others with my potty mouth and I do NOT like inhaling offending smells from dirty old humanz. OMG! The smell is STILL sticking to my hair, clothes, olfactory sense, and most especially my memory cell! It’s disgusting. And the choir leader wouldn’t stop coughing inside Dad’s car and during the singing. The idiot should have stayed home. So stupid! WTF?

I’m gonna have to make the excuse that I’m gonna be late and that she can go ahead of me. Or better yet, I should just drop outta of the scene altogether and just count my blessings that I tried out and tried practicing for fun. I’m NOT that nice of a person when it comes to bluntness. It’s because I don’t ask anyone for help, not even for carpoolin. I don’t expect reciprocation of help as a result. I learn to depend on self and Google is the answer. But I’m too slow to help myself. And that’s where my parents can help but only so far, too.

So yeah, please go away you damn swollen demons. I don’t care for church, although Mom likes to go where they cough behind our backs WITHOUT fail, especially these stupid Asianz. Is she stupid too for not hearing what Das Squirrel and I know and do NOT like? Or is she one of those nice reptilianz that come off as being a saint.

I’m thinking everyone is a reptilian and trying their best to behave normally like humanz. Oh, and the soloist for the alto last night, she’s good. But from far away and with my myopic vision through my bifocals  I could see that her upper teeth go slightly inward toward the tongue, just like Jasmin’s teeth! I wonder if this is a particular trait of species that sing very well! One of two sopranos messed up slightly. The tenor and bass are good but I couldn’t hear some areas and this is WITHOUT my hearing aides.

I also think I’m missing the mark. I can’t forgive and forget – if I’m still recalling stuff from the past. Anyway, I’ve been failing to blog my observations of the many tongue flickers and other stalking incidences by creeps. It’s a creepy realization that this hellish planet is full of reptilianz.

The other day, I received an incoming thought and in response to whatever Mom said, I told her that the prayers are keeping humanz from falling apart. I didn’t go far to say that prayers are keeping the reptilianz from loosing their human forms. Because if they did, they would be giants!

So that’s why I’m pissed. I could plainly see that though these creatures look and act like humanz, I already sense that they mean, nasty, and petty fools,, who probably think that humanz smell, too.

OMG! I think the singers are talented but I’ve noticed they got health problems. One blond woman with a THICK pair-shaped body and thick Neanderthal eyebrows would constantly flick her hair backwards towards me – first the right side and then the left side. We would stand up and sing for better volume and practice.

Her sidekick buddy to her left looks disabled too. She has freakishly wide-set eyeballs that were NOT looking straight but wall-eyed of some sort. There was Joy who talked to me initially and helped direct choir members were to sit. She would have these strange blinking episodes of shutting her eyes tight and then releasing. And she wouldn’t stop flicking out her tongue. The lower lips have a V-cut indentation.

I’m surrounded. So how do I escape or at least excuse myself? Two girls already left for Texas with the family. The current choir leader would hold recitals in her homes and gives certificates to the home schooled girls. It’s nice the community can reach out to other members and home school each other.

But not me. When I told Clem via email that I had nothing to do, I meant I had nothing to do with freaks, like Respondent living directly next door to us, though her RO states to stay away from us fifty yards. Y’all have her free smartphone. Go track the GPS for her whereabouts. Idiots.

Anyway, I have nothing EXCITING to do while under and unemployed. I don’t like church crowds. I don’t like performance crowds. I don’t like diabled crowds. I don’t like many things. I just like meditating. And yes there’s lots of interesting stuff in other realms, I’m sure.

OMG! It’s already 11:28 am and I’m still having that stinky smell up my nose! WTF? Okay, if the Lawd Gawd wants to destroy the world with fire and brimstone, do it soon. Because it smells! My dad smells! Why do old fart smell? OMG! Why me? Do I smell, too?


Evil Kitty

P.S. The shiny sunshine is coming out!

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