cadmvnow.com kiosk

Skip the Line at the DMV!

Behold! Thine in the glory of DMV! And Evil Kitty has discovered cadmvnow.com/kiosk – it’s a self-service kiosk, similar to the self-service check-out areas located in the grocery stores and other retail stores, too.

So two days ago, I was shopping for HUGE plastic storage carts with HUGE drawers for storing my office, clothes, whatever junk. I alread loaded the cart with three HUGE stuff but had to use the self-service checkout areas.

Why, Flynn? What happened? Well the other day, a blubbering SAI woman with cold hard cash in her left hand was taking such a freaking long time to read the agreements on the card swiper machine for a new card or something. WTF?

So yeah, DMV Now!

  • Skip the line at the DMV!
  • Use a DMV Now self-service kiosk to renew your sticker and registration card in under two minutes.
  • Only available in select areas. More info and locations at cadmvnow.com/kiosk.

I guess y’all want your soulless, driverless vehicles – a moving tombstone and coffin, eh? Until the globalists improve the health and safety of humanz riding those autonomous vehicles, we are gonna either stand in line at the DMV or just service ourselves at the kiosk.

Don’t forget the cameras on the DMV kiosks like ATMs. Okay? Good! Hiss.

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