Dear Lawd Gawd,

I’ve been testing these damn humanz. They come across as being goodly saints and spiritual warriors. Yet, I could sense that they are playing games only if I trigger them enough so that they would mess with me.

Take for example the swollen choir leader. Usually, I am VERY cautious, nay, suspicious that ANYONE would dare be ‘nice’ to me, just like Ate Ising who has troubled my family and me with getting free rides many time in going to concerts. WTF?

So I came late to pick up her swollen butt for the Wednesday dress rehearsal. But I was ten minutes late. She texted me six o’clock and one minute that she was waiting for her free ride – me. And so while hauling her ass to the church off the 85 in Saratoga, California, she mentioned someone whom she carpooled and that person wasn’t ever late. So fuck her.

Next, I sent her a text message if she had one of the senior tickets that Augusta couldn’t use with her sick husband who had an emergency. But after the sixteen hundred mark, or twelve hours window for refunding any bought tickets, she replied that she still had TWO tickets for me after mass tomorrow.

But I already bought ours, suspecting she is just another Christian troll. Sure enough she said that her phone was in the other room and she didn’t see my message because she was cleaning the house. So fuck her. I knew that she was play with Evil Kitty.

I know. I know. I shouldn’t be so rude. But, that’s my reality. I could already sense that though she is forgiving and shouldn’t lie as a Christian, I’d call out the words – bull crap. I do NOT do carpools and I’m not gonna be hearing stuff about her deceased husband. No way! Back off!

And Joe is also a troll. If he is smart, the choice of charity in on the invitation. He shouldn’t have to ask what is the link and if there is a link. If he is a good Christian he should just mail whatever he can to help those in the hospital. Once again, Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey, too are ingrates.

My god! We’re surrounded by liberal and progressive fools!


Evil Kitty

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