Addendum thought regarding the vicinity of smartphone.

Today, Das Squirrel decided to visit us. A few minutes later, he realize that his smartphone is inside his garage. So I had to take Dad’s beater car and drive the forgetful one back to the garage so he could fetch is smartphone.

I hoping he wouldn’t use it to distract himself away from REAL conversation and aggrivate others with his singing. But he did. This is example goes to show that those with smartphones really cannot seem to part with their devices.

One with half a brain should realize that a smartphone serve as a lifeline in case of emergency and any notifications. But last night I’ve unsubscribed to many email for many lists and now I’m freeing myself from checking my smartphone frequently.

As for the swollen choir leader, she ‘lied’ to me about leaving her smartphone elsewhere in the house while cleaning and she couldn’t reply to my text message about the FREE tickets from another swollen butt and her husband.

With that said, I too fail to reply immediately to others. But this text message is more like a business or getting things done and short of informational. I already purchased tickets to cover the suspect of those idiots getting into heaven for free.

My bad! But these are Christians and they should be forgiven, eh? I do NOT think so. So today, Das Squirrel realized that some churches are just not quite the same. The one we were talking about accepts faggots.

And Mom said that why the Herr Conductor is an asshole or something along the line of not nice. Even the one with a slight diability or some sort of Tourette’s Syndrome – sitting next to me last night mumbled under her breath: Shut up, [first name of Herr Conductor].

Yup. Do NOT doubt unto moi!

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