Dear diary,

Today went well. The sunshine came out and the fluffy puffy clouds of white against crispy clear blue skies. The other day, Mom saw hummingbird(s) and baby bird(s) check out the TALL dandelion flowers (NOT weeds) and other ground coverings of small yellow and purple flowers – names I wished to have known.

So I sang in both gigs – our local church and the other church. It’s supposed to be (lemme double-check the Trump (RND) 2018 RNC calendar) Palm Sunday. So we sang the old stuff. I don’t feel that I need to attend choir rehearsal for these easy songs.

I sat on my single palm leaf and the ORIGINAL choir leader though it was hers but realized it was mine. She kept  trying to straighten the crooked top, which my big ass heavily pressed because I didn’t really care to put it away properly in my BAG.

I also don’t feel that I need to attend the other choir rehearsal because three hours is too freaking long – in Mom’s opinion. She didn’t like the idea that we’re working, err, volunteering too hard and she doesn’t know where the money raised by us is going.

Well, I’m thinking that it’s been like that with any other church-related activities. And this non-profit gig is no different. It’s just a different group of humanz, each with its own strengths and quirks.

You know what? I’m an idiot! Why do y’all think I’m a taxi? Did y’all know that I can cause accidents? And I’m on Medi-Cal, meaning I’m poor. The fat one is on Medicaid, by the way. So that makes us two. Honestly, I do NOT want to carpool due to liabilities – a passenger can sue the driver for whatever. Bull crap!

So to Ate Ising. Back off. Don’t ask me to drive you anymore or ask us for a free ride. Because I can cause accidents when distracted by your yakking. Okay? The same goes for you swollen butt! Sheesh! Take a hint! Free WIDE loaders! Brouhaha!

Seriously, I’ll have to lie. Gasp! You’re a Christian! You are NOT allowed to lie! What? And NOT to protect myself from these old farts! No way! Go pay! You fools shouldn’t be using other people, especially the young folks! That’s how I see it.

Okay, never mind! I’m finished trying to inspire those who should try at least once and if that doesn’t work out then quit. I don’t understand why y’all think I took time off. I’m just NOT interested in hovering around your cooties, especially at work which is why the Lawd Gawd mercifully stuck me here at home. Sheesh. Get it?

OMG! I forgot to report that my energy signature is still too chaotic! A while ago, I cannot recall – another child behind me fell down or something and cried aloud! I’m NOT kidding! That’s why I don’t wanna be out too long for anyone’s good!

And then a couple of times, things from and by others nearby would drop. I would say sorry – I remember in two incidences and mumbled under my breath, its’ my fault.

As a matter of fact, one was a chair from this afternoon’s concert! I told y’all back off and leave me alone – unless y’all wanna get hurt!

Oh and the Thrusday’s rehearsal of March 15, the olden woman knocked over her folding chair to my left side. I sensed something, straightened up in a weird way, and for whatever reason, she bolted behind her chair, knocking it over. I swear – these things happened!

Well, y’all don’t believe me. If somehow you happen to visit my parents and me, check to see if anything heavy drops. I’ll test my theory with CR coming over sometime this week to drop off the photos by her vendor at our home.

Sometimes, I don’t think about it but in an instance – Wham!

Yeah, anyway, the concert when well, my dad and brother were inspired. But it is NO big deal. I can sing and read notes but I cannot DRILL super fast. That’s for the experts behind us. Brouhaha!

I’m finished. Time for bed. 20180326-0015.

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