Dear diary,

Well it’s time to rant again. This is from my observation of humanz and how they make everything a BIG DEAL. I think these fools are wasting too much energy just trying to fit into their little groups.

For example, that new Ilocano Tenor dresses the part in his concert tuxedo. He sat up front. He talked with other talk whitish members. He’s like Clem a Europhile, just like his Dad who thinks he can speak in Italian.

1424. So it appears that appropriate attire is necessary to differentiate spaces. A few moments ago a couple of whitish humanz were walking back to their vehicles. They wore exercising clothes.

An hour whatever ago while shopping at the DeCA, I noticed a lovely couple wearing ALL black. The woman had grayish long hair and her spouse whatever was blackish. They appeared to be bikers, obviously. Creepy, hippies.

And finally, back to the concert. Around 1722 Sunday, I noticed a guy in grayish suit and a red flower boutonniere sat down at the choir loft directly opposite the dinner table up front. (I forgot what it’s called when the priest does the Eucharistic to thingy.) Then he disappeared.

After the standing ovation of the the invited soloists, then the orchestra, and then the choir, I noticed and elderly couple looking and pointing into my general direction.

I forgot to hold the black binder to my side and was holding the damn thing in front of my chest. So I held it with both hands and flashed a stylized pyramid with my middle, ring, and pinky fingers touching.

The elderly man somewhat mimic my hand signal while he and his elderly wife – both with silvery grayish hair – stood and clapped.

Yeah, so that’s how ‘subtler’ I’ve become with picking up stuff energetically. I’m assuming that such ‘encounters’ are really just need ‘their’ acknowledgment of coexistence. I’m NOT that good and I’m NOT that certain, too.


Evil Kitty

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