Dear diary,

I just sneezed TWICE while waiting inside dad’s beater car. Mom is feeling strong enough to exercise at The Y (or YMCA). I can feel my nasal passages are clogged and probably from eating Golden Oreo Mini, which we bought from our local DeCA at Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA. Mom sensed that the Navy Exchange may be coming back because Mister POTUS Trump is helping the military. We would see HUGE circular orange wire holders stacked side nearby the runways, or adjacent to the museum. So my purple jeans are messed up with powered sugar snacks.

Dad hollered at me at 20180327-1416 after depositing Mom at her recumbent exercising machine. He’s gonna walk but I’m too hot and full of sneezes. And I don’t wanna get sun burned, or blackish either.


Flynn B. (That’s me. A rhyme, which is mine!)

Categories: flynnspaws

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