You Americanized citizens make a BIG DEAL over modernized sacks covering humanized flesh.

Gasp, y’all also dress your pooches in garb AND over fur! When will your madness and rebellious spirits stop mocking the Lawd Gawd?

Y’all are into too much labeling – race, color, whatnots.

For simplicity: the savages, err, native Tongan: it’s a lava-lava. Nice and roomy for the thicker girth. For the Scotsman: it’s a kilt. For the Westerns: it’s a skirt.

I say whatever. I’d like to see more guys in tasteful skirts, but NO dresses! That’s for beautiful women.

The other faggots need to blend into the crowd. It’s too offensive as is the example of the Filipina singer Charice who is now known as Jake.

Jesus have mercy on us all. What’s next? Chimeras coming outta the closet.

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