Dear diary,

We’re back in the emergency. Mom has gotten the same or similar stuff from last month. Mom has gotten the same bug from last month.

For ten minutes, we’ve waiting for a bed pan. Okay we got unhooked and used the toilet nearby.

It’s 1100 am and Mom noticed that the blood pressure cuff is on the arm where the drip line for 0.9% sodium chloride is located. At at 1116 am the new nurse switch the cuff. Smart.

They said the admission rooms are full and we have to wait in the emergency room and Mom has to endure the hard mattress. So I’m wondering if there’s a super bug going on.

Yeah so, per my CPAP machine, I had only 3.5 hours of sleep. I had to rearrange the furniture of my mini office with the old acoustic piano and my new 61 full sized keyboard. I want to trade it in for a 88 keys. Idiot.

I got it because the headphones and adjustable stand came with the keyboard. I wanted a compact noise maker but I lost the vital ends of the full sized piano.

So last night I repositioned Dad’s old wooden desk away from the old wooden piano; so I could open the 3 drawer bulky white plastic cart.

I reused a vertical table for the vertical multiple plug strip below and my mini scanner above. The bulky furniture isn’t good for these small California rooms.

After that, I used my new headphones and played sheetmusic from my iPad Pro 12.9. But the plastic sheetmusic holder seems flimsy and the stand and keyboard were wobbling! Sheesh!

Now off to sleep 1131 am.


Evil Kitty (yawn hiss)

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