Passover, Passion, Reserrection week – lamb of Yahua https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/03/passover-passion-reserrection-week-lamb.html

That’s a beautiful – deep dark blue sky.

I’m currently crapping on the second floor (Medical unit) with the aide of laxatives due to eating too much and to old age.

Mom is still under treatment and the PCP guy is coordinating her list of medicines – two of which are immunosuppressive.

One is discontinued by the rheumatologist today. The rheumatologist prefers the medicine prescribed by the sleep chest doctor over her prescription.

The second one by the sleep chest doctor is being tapered down because it’s a powerful steroid – one that CAUSES extreme aggressiveness with Mom at home for the last decade!

So while I’d like to celebrate Easter my dad and I are at the hospital until she gets discharged. I won’t be attending Sunday mass or choir rehearsals.

I’d rather celebrate under God’s cathedral of the deep blue sky instead of inside the man-made boxes for proffers.


Evil Kitty

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