While eating deep fried fish for Good Friday, I’ll chime in as an art critic. I like the bold colorful strokes and amazing caricatures depicting public personalities. I think Jim Carey is an insane genius!

20170330-2216. I’m back to blogging after eating dinner, washing and drying dishes, and shaving the back of Dad’s neck! I had to send a parishioner a decline email because mom is still in the hospital. Sheeh!

Regarding performing artists. I think EVERYONE is insane, most especially those in the ‘arts’. Then again, ‘science’ folks are crazy for kicking out peers who ‘color’ outside the borders – their comfort zones, with scary untested theories.

Anyway, I think JC (wait, no, NOT Jesus Christ) could do art work for comics, too. Satirists are under-rated. I don’t know if he sold his soul to Old Diablo for the opportunity to gain publicity or if he’s too gifted to do and say weird things.

I find the artwork tasteful, bizarre, and hilarious. He can draw hands – small or otherwise. (The feet and hands are the most difficult parts of humanz for me to draw.)

I do NOT know if the ‘original’ JC unit or his other ‘hidden talents’ that come outta the dark corners of his dark soul and created these fine pieces to troll and mock our Mister POTUS Trump. I can’t wrap my small mind around these creatures.

All I know is that we are NOT supposed to take things too seriously and we are to learn and enjoy taking jabs at politics. One, two, pow! We all should scream because the symptoms of insanity have NOT yet been resolved, cured, or whatnot. I don’t think we’re gonna leave this hellish planet – EVER!

Okay, my other thought was regarding Herr Maestro. The guy had let out two raptor-like screams during the two dress rehearsals last week. And this was in front of the orchestra and choir. He then made his cheesy smile as if nothing happened. Freaking reptilianz.

So I’ve learned from observing Clem is – to keep it cool, don’t make faces, and shut the fuck up. All I could do I pay attention to and focus on Herr Maestro and follow his instructions. Because he too tends NOT to repeat himself.

One week before dress rehearsal, Herr Maestro got frustrated during his ‘lessons’ because the elderly folks wouldn’t stop talking over him. I am trying to understand that the job of ‘teachers’ is NOT easy. Because the ‘students’ don’t really listen.

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    I did not know that Jim Carrey could paint, I assume that his painting style is a more modern style, thank you for sharing this.

    -John Jr

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