Dear Lawd Gawd,

Well, I’ve been wondering if it’s okay to violate stuff and still be forgiven by your mercy. I’ve been reading your Ten Commandments and I’ve violated many of your items. So please kill me now. But not yet because I’m NOT done ranting.

For example, and in similar fashion, I pointed out to Kathy that other choir members were in violation of dress codes. One wore a scarf, usually for colder climates, such as Christmas. One wore a pearl necklace with gaps on a golden chain, instead of a single strand. I was already in violation because an elder member pointed out the single white strip on my waist fanny sack (for my keys, wallet, and cash) was still showing. Kathy said they were strict and they let her know on her first concert.

Mom said she wouldn’t stay in any group that are strict over dress codes because she doesn’t like to be controlled. (Hmm, now I wonder why Das Squirrel and I don’t like to be told. Hmm.)

I didn’t care what she had said because I already wasted money on 1. music songs, 2. a choir gown, and 3. a black folder. I wasted money on music songs for my first gig with the church choir.

Mom also didn’t like how I would rehearse for three hours every Monday and work hard for nothing, although the group is a non-profit organization of extraordinary volunteers who make ordinary music sound ‘nice’.

I think I like this singing organization because of the emphasis on choral music. Other local singing organization emphasize movies, such as Harry Potty, err, Potter, in which I noticed the Asian conductor of that group stood like a Mason! He had one foot in front of the other, instead of comfortably side by side! I kid y’all NOT!

But Clem won’t know this stuff because his brain is overly cooked with Disneyland and a small world that is breeding MK ultra children. That might happen to Raven, who is VERY talented but sings crappy modern songs with repetitive refrains that are MEANINGLESS, such as Cranberry and other sexualized wreaking balls.

Yup, so the ‘training group’ originates, y’all guessed it, on church grounds! I’m NOT kidding. These places are infiltrated with ‘agents’ who follow and target individuals who may seem nice but are easy prey, but talented nonetheless. I’m NOT kidding. Mom said that Carl is mysterious. I think he’s a traitor for playing games with Respondent. He’s gonna be ordained as a deacon this May, by the way.

That’s why Das Squirrel is creeped out at church. He doesn’t like the crowd and I do NOT like the gossip, though most of the time, these are real stories of normal humanz with regular problems in life. I’m amazed these troubled souls are able to stay both afloat and alive among the brethren of arrogant fools with their owns problems.

Yeah so if I can find a way to excuse myself from Lucifer’s various singing machines, that would be ‘nice’. I’m still NOT understanding my place or purpose of how I ended up not becoming a nurse like Mom, an accountant like Dad, and barely sound good enough as a singer. Freaking weird!

I give up. What other surprises do y’all have for me besides potentially loosing a fingers like Frodo for succumbing to the power of one cursed ring? Am I doomed to blogging for life? Brouhaha!


Evil Kitty


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