FACEBOOK – “We only chose him because he seemed astonishingly gullible.” http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/04/facebook-we-only-chose-him-because-he.html

OMG! Little Chump? That’s hilarious. Brouhaha! I’m laughing, too. Facebook – the letters “F” and “B” . Wow! What are the odds, FLYNN B, huh?

Yeah, so ONE person doing stuff by himself. Such arrogance cannot be tolerated. A company is made up lots of workers with a common goal.

Like blogging, I can’t continue being anonymous. My incoming thoughts are NOT entirely mine. Duh. Likewise, I do NOT accidentally or coincidentally meet anyone.

And that would explain why my parents and I prefer NOT to have many friends and do NOT use Facebook (though my account is NOT deleted yet, but deactivated temporarily.)

Sadly, we realize that friends may be better than bloodline and relatives. It’s true. Who can show face – only the good side, and NOT know other faces – the bad and fugly, too?

An online persona is NOT a good measure of one’s true motives in life and without getting to know the actual background is already scary stuff. I know.

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  1. 20180402-2328. After crapping another big dump from eating food in the refrigerator, I had my incoming thought and wondered if the Twit Wifey is the handler of Das Squirrel – both were fighting before and during marriage. He claims that she’s after the money. She told me that she isn’t after the money. WTF? Who is telling the truth? I cannot take sides – both chose their path. Das Squirrel has the temperament like his paternal Uncle Ver – guns, wine, potty mouth, etc. The point is: how TF did he get hooked up with a refugee, who does NOT show proper respect to my elderly parents? And why TF didn’t he use his “spider senses” before and during the relationship? She’s Chinese. He must be in love, huh, to deny such reality. Yup.


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